Telltale signs you’re about to travel with a toddler

We are just about to go away for a week in Ireland (a very rainy week by the forecast), but regardless, I am super excited for some family time with my peeps. I am less excited about the packing and preparation that goes into traveling with a toddler however…

Making lists – I start to think about what I want to do, wash, or pack around a week before. Various lists appear on scraps of paper or my phone in the vain hope that I can remember it all. Gone are the days of my last minute packing!

The ‘helper’ – the piles of clothes I place neatly to pack becomes the target of my daughter’s helpfulness. Sometimes they are put back in the drawer but most of the time they are just strewn across her bedroom. Thanks, love!


THE CATCHPHRASE – Wherever we are headed, my husband is guaranteed to say his trusty catchphrase or ‘we’re not going to a third-world country after all’. He of course means that anything we forget can usually be purchased easily once we arrive. It’s a good job, because…

Forgetting to check the list – Having worked through and ticked off most of my list items, I inevitably forget to check it at the last minute and end up heading to Boots to pick something up.


Packing the case – By the time I have packed numerous clothes changes, swimming costumes, footwear for all occasions, raincoats, and all of the teddies we need to take, there is no room left in the case for my stuff.

The iPad – Possibly the most important thing we need to do is charge the iPad (or phone)! It’s a lifesaver for waiting around or in-flight entertainment. Good old Peppa…

Traveling times – No matter how hard we try to book a flight or choose a time to drive, it will never be ideal for the sleep or eating routine and we’ll face the consequences later on.

All ready to leave… And there’ll be an emergency. We forgot the teddies! We forgot the food bag! Or we ALL need a wee now.


Airport swag – No longer do I plan classy traveling outfits. My airport swag is now something that is comfy and won’t show dribbles or dropped food, and my hand luggage will almost certainly include a Trunki.

Food, food and more food – I pack endless snacks for my child but as soon as I have bought myself something in Starbucks, the toddler eats it.


Making memories – No matter how bad the prep is, the moment we start making holiday memories with our little lady erases all of the stress and we can actually just settle into enjoying our time together.

Happy holidays to fellow Mummies and Daddies.


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Mummy Muckups (Anna)

Enjoy the memories!!! It will be all worth it; but for the love of GAWD make sure that iPad is charged!! #TwinklyTuesday


Travelling without an iPad is basically not an option. I always forget my own things too! All too true! #dreamteam


Love this post! Very helpful, and funny tips!
I haven’t actually been on holidays with my little ones yet. 🙁


I love the Catchphrase point – my husband is exactly the same and always tells me “they do have shops in …. you know!” So I try my best to forget as many clothes and shoes for me as possible. We also take Trunkis and the kids are allowed to fill those with whatever they can fit in them with a spare change of clothes – it keeps the suitcases free the more sensible packing choices 🙂 #bloggerclubuk

Alana - Burnished Chaos

This is so like me. Endless lists and I still always forget something, and never enough room to pack my own stuff once I’ve sorted the kids’. And you’re right, getting that iPad fully charged is an absolute life saver!

mainy - myrealfairy

Oh the dreaded packing, heaven and hell moments. I always seem to forget one key elements of our packing. I’ve been away and not packed pants or pj’s or even toothbrushes once!!




I have mostly been avoiding traveling with my toddler since a disaster of a 12 hour flight with stomach flu and a 1 year old who refused to sleep. I flew when he was a baby too and that time he had some kind of stomach bug and went three every single nappy I brought. There can never be too many nappies is the only advice I dole out!


I’m a big list maker! In fact this morning I sat down to write a list of everything I need to do now my youngest had started nursery. The first item on the list was ‘write list’! I always forget something when we go on holiday but, as you say, it doesn’t really matter! I hope you have a lovely holiday. Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting


Oh I can so relate particularly them trying to be helpful. #Whatevertheweather


Yep – all of this is absolutely true!


I have to admit we never left the country when my children were small. I think you’re very brave.

PitterPatter Travelers

I must admit your husband’s tag phrase was the one that let me allow my boys to start packing on their own. Everywhere we were staying had laundry available and yes, if they forgot their underwear, we could always get some! And the needing to wee, all of the time, usually when we have driven less than two blocks from the house…

Helen Gandy

Oh yes this is pretty much us. I’m the list maker who then forgets the list and a few items off it, ha! Great post, thanks for linking up #bestandworst


Ha! Great post. I’m off on holiday in October and will be sure to follow this step by step. Bring on the iPad and lots of lists! #whatimwriting

Annette, 3 Little Buttons

Awww I absolutely LOVE the photo you ended your post with. It’s super cute 🙂 Hope you had an amazing time. I am all for lists too, except, Little Button has a habit of taking them and then we can never find them when needed. Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam x


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Lauren (The Helpful Hiker)

All so true! I went away for a few days on my own last week and it was so strange! I couldn’t get over how little I needed to take and how easy it all was-even delays etc were a breeze without a tired and hangry toddler to contend with! #whatevertheweather


LOL I went through all of this back in July and I agree Trunkis are essential. Be aware when you have two trunkis crashes WILL happen xxx
Thanks for once again linking up to #TuesdayTreasures

Dave - Dad's Turn

Toddlers are so funny. Our little guy is still in the baby stage but I can tell he’ll be just as ‘helpful’ in a few months!

Jenny Eaves

This is so very true, hard work packing and traveling with a toddler, they definitely want to make it difficult! But when you are off it really doesn’t matter, you’re going somewhere exciting and as your husband says you can always buy it there (even developing countries have most things that you may forget!). Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

Mummy in a TuTu

Travelling without a tablet is not an option in my opinion and didn’t you know trunkis are the in thing?!
Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime

P.S. Love the photo at the end


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