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The quick guide to taking part in blog linkies

The quick guide to taking part in blog linkies

When I first started trying to promote my blog, I’d read all about ‘linkies’ or ‘link ups’ and wondering what the heck they were.

Posts I read had these little mismatched badges all misaligned at the end of them, and I just didn’t get it.

But I kept hearing that they really helped to get web traffic and to gain comments on blog posts.

So I turned to Google and started researching.

What is a linky?

A linky (or sometimes referred to as a ‘linkup’) is a post that a blogger hosts, which includes a tool tool that enables you to share a your own post with a photo and a link back to your blog.

Linkies tend to run weekly but some, like the Tots100 linky, run on a monthly basis.

They are a great way to share your new posts, or to get exposure for an older post. You can also use linkies as a way to network with other bloggers, which is particularly valuable if you are a new blogger who is just starting out and wants to get noticed.

Linkies will help to drive traffic to your blog and comments on posts. By commenting on other posts already linked up, you can also start to drive traffic to your site.

Here is a list of blog linkies that I regularly take part in.

How does a linky work?

At first, linkies can seem really confusing.

They’re really not.

At the bottom of the host post you will see a badge and a tool – often Inlinkz.

Scroll down to the bottom of the links shared and look for a button that says something like ‘add your link’.


When you click on that, you’ll be taken to a third-party app where you can add your links. Adding a link will auto-populate a title and featured image, but you can change these manually depending on what it shows.


You can submit as many links as you like, but check with the original host post, as there tends to be a limit on the number of posts you can upload.

It’s that simple.

Finish your linky entries

Once you have submitted your links, there is some linky etiquette that you should take care of:

  1. Return to the original linky and clickthough to at least the host(s) posts and the one directly before yours.
  2. Leave a comment on any posts you click through to.
  3. Always include the linky hashtag in the comment to help the blogger understand where you found their post.
  4. Tweet out a message to the host or hosts, to say that you’ve linked up e.g. I’ve just joined the #NameOfLinky linky with @hostname and @hostname <include link to posts linked>.
  5. Share out any posts that are linked up, tagging the blogger and/or linky hashtag to help with the exposure and replies.
  6. Add the linky badge to your post to show that you’ve taken part.

And that’s it! Dead simple really.

Then #Mumshots linky

I’ve teamed up with ace blogger Mommy and Rory to launch a linky of a different type. If you want to be part of something a little bit different, you can join our NEW Instagram linky #MumShots.

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