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The worry of pregnancy – pregnancy support

The worry of pregnancy – pregnancy support

Throughout a pregnancy, an expectant mother will constantly be told that stress is not good for the baby.

In the same breath, it’s common to also be told to seek advice if there are any concerns about any changes.

The reality is therefore, that with every twinge or ache, Mums can be going out of their minds with worry.

It can lead to a very long and anxious 40 weeks.

How then do you know if the worrying is anything to worry about, without worrying about worrying?

Maternal changes

Every pregnancy is different, and every mother handles it in their own way.

Whether it comes about easily, follows years of struggling to conceive, or miscarriage, pregnancy can be hard going. It’s fair to say that life can be unrecognisable between the physical changes, hormonal goings on, aches, pains, exhaustion, fear, guilt, hunger, panic… The list goes on.

It’s certainly not always what the movies make it out to be, and often that in itself is hard to understand.

Sometimes, what should be happiest time of a woman’s life feels like the most miserable.

Mental health in pregnancy

In fact, according to Tommy’s, 1 in 5 women experience mental health problems during pregnancy. From anxiety to stress or panic attacks, it’s easy to think that these are just ‘normal’ prenatal changes.

When these feelings start to outweigh more balanced or happy ones though, it may be a sign of something more serious.

If this is the case, your first port of call should be your midwife. Midwives are truly amazing, and if you get one with whom you click with, can be an incredibly special relationship.

Let’s face it though, antenatal appointments are often short and there is a lot of information to get through. There may be little extra room (or time) for opening up about anything else.

You can also ask your GP for support with prenatal mental health concerns.

What though, if there was a new mental health support service for all pregnant women? Perhaps an online tool with information, advice and features to help women through their pregnancy, with a personal callback from a Tommy’s midwife?

Perhaps that may be the key step to spotting indications of both pre- and postnatal depression?

The Big Give Christmas Challenge

Tommy’s, the baby charity, wants to build and run a new mental health support service to do just this.

They are looking to reach a £90,000 target from donations this Christmas.

What’s even better though is that with their latest drive, the Big Give, for every £1 donated to this appeal, Big Give philanthropists will match it. That means the donations will doubled.

How the Big Give works

So if you’d like to support this cause, donate to Tommy’s now. The price of a coffee could make all the difference.

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