Therapy through running – #LifeThroughMyLegs

I’ve enjoyed running since I was in my early twenties.

Before that I just felt like too much of a plodder to actually take it up as a hobby.

It turns out, that with a bit of training and a little bit of confidence, I am actually OK at it.

Over the years, I have occasionally joined organised runs, but just going out for a jog is really my thing.

Running regularly even taught me that I didn’t need (or miss) a gym environment to keep fit, maintaining a size 10 dress size right up to my wedding when most brides traditionally crash diet. I was eating anything I wanted to and my dress still had to be taken in a bit. Result.

I am not skinny, nor would I want to be. I just want to be fit and healthy.

I run because I want to. I run to clear my head. I run to burn off some frustration. I run to get my best ideas. I run to keep fit and strong for my family. I run because I want to. I am not about PBs.

I used to run before work, after work, home from work, on weekends, on lunch-breaks, on holidays. You’re starting to get it, I would run whenever I could and get a real buzz afterwards. Usually because I was starving and got to eat again!

It’s 30-60 mins when I am using my legs for what they were made for, listening to whatever music I want to. It’s also a time when I find short cuts, get to know a place, and see some amazing landscapes.

Like most runners, I have had my fair share of injuries, but my trusty trainers are still packed for holidays.

French countryside run as the sun came up

I'd had way too much prosecco the night before this run on a girls weekend, but the outside was just too nice not to!

I’ve never had any desire to enter a marathon (maybe I will one day), but am keen to train for a half marathon once I’m done having babies.

And that’s the thing, since having Lady P, fitting runs in has become a little bit difficult. I can’t run as often as I would like and have to time runs around my husband or childcare, which is fine but just needs a bit more planning.

To help with this, I even joined a ladies running club when we moved to Warwickshire in the summer, and try to train with them on a Saturday morning if I can. It is non-serious, no pressure and very social. All the things I like!

On Sunday, when the weather forecast said “Freezing cold, torrential rain, high winds and generally horrendous – definitely stay at home with a cuppa”, a few of us decided to run a 10K around a reservoir. As you do.

I set my alarm, ate my porridge and layered up.

This was the first 10K I had run in over 3 years and I was apprehensive. I thought I might end up walking part of it, and hating it.

But as I’d signed up with some of the other running girls, I was committed. There was no going back.

The elements were all against us, but we did it!

Team run!

I personally managed to finish in 58 mins without any stopping, which I was really chuffed about. I was expecting to be way over as I am not super serious about pacing my splits.

But it really isn’t about that for me anyway. For me, running is just something that I do. It’s my therapy.

It gives me life through my legs, which is why I have started the #LifeThroughMyLegs hashtag on Instagram.

Whatever you do, whether it’s walking, running, or just taking a minute out to acknowledge the world around you, share a quick pic of how your legs are giving you a whole other aspect to your life.

What’s your #LifeThroughMyLegs moment?

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58 mins in that weather is a fantastic time and well done on the not stopping. I always find that I have to stop. I need to sort that out. I know what you mean about exercise giving you time to think. I am training for the Moonwalk and The Island Walk this year and I always hate the thought of it but when I get training I love it! #ABloggingGoodTIme

jenny walters

Just started walking as a precursor to jogging.I am tubby and old but hoping this will allow me to stay slim whilst eating lots!Very impressed with your commitment!#StayClassyMama

Mackenzie Glanville

This is such an awesome idea for a hashtag! It is so important to be grateful for what our body does. And well done to you!!!! #stayclassymama

Catie: An imperfect mum

I used to love running too and understand how you say it is your therapy. Unfortunately chrondomalacia patella or softening of my kneecap stopped all running, dancing etc still miss it 20 years later ???? Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime ????

Sarah Admissions of a Working Mother

This is great, I love that you do it simply because you enjoy it and aren’t focussing on the amount of calories you might be burning! Also super idea for a hashtag on Instagram – you should get some really cool pictures! #stayclassymama


I never took to running but I love cycling. It has given me a freedom to explore not only the world around me but the world inside me.