Things you forget about a ski holiday

Things you forget about a ski holiday

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll have already read that my husband and I recently enjoyed a child-free ski holiday together.

We have skied together for years, but each time I go, I forget how much I love and also hate about a ski holiday.

And given that we have a 2 year old now, it’s been a bit tricky to cram in a ski holiday so those memories have been buried for a few years.

Fast forward 2 ski seasons later and a few days away quickly reminded me of both the really annoying and really splendid things about a ski holiday I’d forgotten.

Cue a list of #FirstWorldProblems:

  1. You HAVE TO wear slippers to breakfast in your hotel – your feet need those extra few minutes of comfy to recover between ski days.
  2. The amount of layers you have to put on to keep warm – I had 5 layers on and was still cold (it was -20 degrees up those lifts).
  3. How unique the decor is – think wood, wood and more wood, with a dash of gingham for good measure.
  4. That it’s basically Christmas all season. Yep, forget all those haters who say Christmas decorations should only be up for December. Try Nov-April.
  5. That cheese can be on the menu for every meal – believe it or not, that was a bowl of soup (with extra cheese).
  6. Also, carbs are irrelevant – load me up with pasta, baguette, croutons and pizza all in one meal. Huzzah!
  7. What an absolute ball ache it is to put on your ski equipment – layers, snoods, gloves, helmets and those f**king boots.
  8. How amazing it is to take all of that off again – especially those f**king boots.
  9. That noise of a snowboarder behind you – I immediately think I’m about to be returned to resort in a body bag.
  10. Skiers vs boarders – annual earshot of the classic phrases “dicks on sticks” and “gays on trays”. Yes, really.
  11. How expensive lunch is; £20 for a spag bol, bowl of soup, and jug of tap water.
  12. That you can drink wine whenever you fancy (and not be judged). In fact, you’re more likely to be judged for not drinking. Another vin chard please!
  13. How beautiful the scenery is – it feels like you are looking at panoramic wall art most days.
  14. What a god forsaken place Geneva is – I hate that place with a passion. Delays, £6 Starbucks, and crap flight information. Yuck.
  15. That I actually quite enjoy it – yeah, I suppose I do really.
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Rhyming with Wine

I’ve never tried skiing but you had me at Christmas decorations and cheese! Attach my feet to some bits of plastic and launch me off a mountain henceforth please! Thanks for linking up with #DreamTeam x

Susie at This Is Me Now

Wow looks beautiful! i’ve been skiing a couple of times but i was so rubbish and scared and got injured just before i went the second time so i never progressed past the snow plough and green and blue runs! would love to take my family when they are older if i can remain fit enough, it’s so knackering!! and those bloody boots!! glad you had fun! #DreamTeam

Rhyming with Wine

Hi lovely. Sorry – I thought I’d commented the other day but I’ve possibly been captured by spambots! I am loving the idea of an extended Christmas destination where all the things are covered in cheese! Not so sure about the launching of myself off a mountain attached to bits of plastic, but I definitely think that apres ski sounds like my kind of party! Thanks for linking up with us. #DreamTeam x

One Messy Mama

I have never been on a ski holiday, but I do live in Michigan, and I haven’t felt the warmth of the sun since October 2016 🙂 … Nothing but cold and snow, I guess I will have to go on an island vacation instead 🙂 haha #globalblogging

Fran Back With A Bump

And it’s all these reasons that make me think I’d much rather lie around a pool!! #marvmondays

Katie Davis

I’ve not been but sooooo want to go!!
Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime


Oh I have never done a ski holiday but would love to. Especially after the irrelevant carbs situation sounds perfect to me! #marvmondays