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Things to learn from new Mums

Things to learn from new Mums

My best friend recently joined the wolf pack. She became a new Mum.

And I’m learning a lot from her.

With a threenager on my hands and few years of parenting under my belt, you’d think it should really be the other way around, wouldn’t you?

But as I am due to have her baby brother in a matter of weeks, it’s me who is back to Google to work out how things work again.

Passing on what I’ve learned

I hope that I’ve helped her a little bit with stuff not to worry about or waste time on. As we all know though, these babies are all so different that it’s a case of learning on the job.

Just because I did it a few years earlier than her certainly doesn’t mean that I have it down.

Becoming a parent is a very steep learning curve and whilst others can impart generic advice, nobody knows their baby more than the person who is caring for it day in day out.

Plus, other people’s opinions can be so bloody annoying. It’s a fine line not to overstep, just because you’ve done it before.

Passing on her insights

She’s pretty much in the bleary eyed, survival period of keeping both her and the baby alive (critical). Without even realising it though, she’s actually helping me to prepare for my new arrival.

Through our chats about her experiences of early motherhood so far, I’ve not only remembered so much that I’d forgotten, but also stuff that just makes more sense with the benefit of hindsight on my side.

Not only that, but the fact that her baby is now here has made me buck my ideas up and get a bit sorted.

Things I’ve remembered about having a baby

  • The baby “essentials” landscape changes a lot in a short space of time. I say essentials because that’s how the baby companies market them. Safety standards might change, new models are released, and a lot of what you had before won’t be compatible. In other words, you need to give them more of your money.
  • It’s ok to keep exercising if you feel up to it. Screw onlookers at the gym or swimming pool and their beady little eyes. If you really want a laugh, walk near them and pretend to have a contraction, or wind.
  • People love to have an opinion on your bump, the gender of the baby, when it will come. Try not to punch them in the face. Apparently, it’s OK for them to comment on you, but it’s not acceptable to tell them to ‘f**k right off’.
  • As long as you have the essentials, you’ll be fine. You don’t need to worry and plan for every eventuality (chances are you’ll be wrong anyway). After all, that’s what Amazon Prime is for.
  • However your baby is delivered, it really really hurts. One way is not the ‘easier option’ and everything comes with uncertainty and risk.
  • You need A LOT of spare clothes. And a good washing machine / tumble-drier.
  • Babies are lovely. They also don’t do much and are hard work. It’s ok to say so, and that you haven’t actually seen its eyes open much.
  • No two pregnancies, bumps, births, or babies are the same. Even if they are your own.
  • When you have a new baby, you have no bed time. If you have a toddler, you have no get up time.
  • When you have a toddler and a giant bump, you’d give anything for a bed time and a get up time.
  • Compared to a toddler and their 542,497,897 questions or needs each hour, a baby seems like a walk in the park, until you have a new one.
  • Baby and toddler groups really can be shit. Just don’t bother until you really feel up to it.
  • NCT friends are great, but just because you had your babies at the same time, they’ll never replace the ‘real friends’ you had BC (before child). Plus you’ll probably like your real friends’ kids a lot more.
  • People love to tell you how much you’ll neglect your second child. So basically, you’re already a terrible parent.
  • Newborn nappies are REALLY small. You get so many in just one pack, but will go through them all in about 30 seconds.

I’m sure there will be plenty of other things that crop up as we enter that phase again. But for now, I thank my friend for helping me with my revision.

What did you learn from a new Mum?

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Welsh Mum Writing

That is so all so true. Two of my mummy friends have just had a second child and already things have changed so much in two years (or I’ve forgotten). I’m currently in the “it was easier when he was a baby” stage, but I think that’s rose tinted glasses lol!#ThursdayTeam


Great post, although I have to say, some of the friends ove made through having my children are now my best friends and some of my so called ‘best friends’ prior to having children; I no longer speak to. Although maybe this will change when they have kids of their own… #ThursdayTeam


I totally agree that however your baby is delivered it hurts. I’ve had two c-sections and I definitely don’t think they are an easier option! Loved reading this, thanks for linking it to #thursdayteam

Sara @ Magical Mama Blog

No two pregnancies or babies or situations are the same. It is always so surprising to me how much every little aspect can vary for each mom.
I am not looking forward to the mom shaming when people tell you you’re going to neglect number one when number 2 is on the way. Why must people be so negative?
Fabulous post!


We are all trying to get along and trying to figure out what our unique parenting style is to our own unique child. #ThursdayTeam


HAHA! This is depressingly accurate. I remember very well wanting to tell half the population of Surrey to Do One every time they tried to touch my bump and even more so when they told me boys were so much easier than girls….. Thanks!!!!!!!! I feel so much better now you have enlightened me even though you know I am very excited I will have two girls. Grrrr!
Thank you for joining #ThursdayTeam


Great article. Motherhood is a very important period for every girl, especially for new mums. They learn new things every day. Really a very tough job.


This is so true! “Babies are lovely. They also don’t do much and are hard work. It’s ok to say so, and that you haven’t actually seen its eyes open much.” You spent 24 hours with them, don’t get anything else done and then you realise you haven’t even seen them open their eyes all day. Crazy!