Thomas Land: When a day out could have ended so differently

Thomas Land: When a day out could have ended so differently

The best family fun day out

Yesterday, we spent a brilliant day out at Thomas Land in Drayton Manor Park.

It was actually my husband’s 30th birthday (yes, he really is only 30), and his choice was to spend a family day at the theme park.

daddy and daughter

This was the first time Lady P had ever experienced a place like this apart from the odd teacups ride or carousel. I’ve never seen so many laughs and smiles as she loved every ride and attraction that she went on.

thomas land day out thomas land daddy and daughter day out daddy and daughter day out mum and daughter day out mum and daughter day out

She actually asked if we could stay forever. *Cue melted heart x 2*.

If you’ve never heard of Thomas Land, it’s part of the theme park based around Thomas and Friends. It has twelve brilliant Thomas themed rides, an indoor play area, and gift shops filled with official merchandise. A definite must for any Thomas fan.

meeting the fat controller

Before we left though, given there were no queues, my husband decided to have a few goes on the bigger rides.

Time to start worrying

Now I am not a negative person.

Since becoming a parent though, I am a lot more cautious of situations. Situations that years ago, I’d not even have given a second thought to.

I’d be lying if I pretended that the worries of parenting, senseless terrorist attacks in this crazy world, and the two miscarriages I’ve now had haven’t changed how I think.

I think it’s normal.  I also think it’s good to have an appreciation for what I am so very lucky to have.

But I am not over-paranoid to the point that it prevents us from enjoying and making the most of our lives together.

Stood at the bottom of the ride waiting for Alex to appear however, an irrational thought came over me. I thought back to the crash at Alton Towers a few years ago.

“What if it crashed?”.

I quickly told myself to shut up as the thought was just too scary, and we watched him enjoying the short ride and return without harm.

Not long after, we left with a very tired girl who fell asleep before we’d even exited the car park.

Mentally, I then relaxed.  We’d had a fun day without any injuries.

Hearing the news

Fast forward to today when I heard the tragic news that a little girl had sadly died on a ride at Drayton Manor.

What the F**K?

I know I’d had those thoughts about safety, but I hadn’t really believed something terrible could actually happen. Especially not this close to home.

Just devastating. My thoughts have been with her loved ones all day since I heard about it.

These accidents are usually so uncommon. Apparently there have been no deaths at a UK theme park in over a decade.

Although the details have not yet been released as to what happened, it seems that it was a freak accident at a place that has an excellent safety record.

I am sure nothing will not help the family to make sense of it though. How can it? 

So as I tuck up my little girl tonight, I looked at her. I thought back to our fun day out and was reminded by today’s sad event that it could so easily have ended very differently.

I looked at her sleeping and realised that life is so fragile.

Tonight, a family weren’t kissing their little girl goodnight as I was.

It’s just so unfair.

My heart goes out to the family involved.

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The tragedy touched us too. You are correct, life is too fragile.

The Tale of Mummyhood

Ah this looks like great fun, I’m sure my two would love it! #stayclassymama

Lydia C. Lee

That’s awful – we had a similar thing here, and it’s so very sad. #Stayclassymama

Lydia C. Lee

I just looked at the news article – it was the same ride here but 4 adults died – it was gruesome. How distressing and tragic.


What a heartfelt post. It’s so true how parenting changes the way we think about things. I am far more cautious about things like this also now I have so much more to lose. xx #stayclassymama

mrs mummy harris

Happy birthday to your husband!! it is such a tragic accident with the girl on the water ride,from what I hear they’re all being closed now in the UK which is a shame but understandable given the circumstances.
It sounds like a lovely day was had by all. hopefully the news wont dampen your memories of your family day out!
Thanks for sharing this with us all at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week

Pat - White Camellias

It looks like a great theme park and glad you all had fun. I completely understand your fear though and just like you I have become a little paranoid about accidents since becoming a parent. Such an awful tragedy. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama


It is such a tragic story. At a place where they were all having such fun too. It will make me frightened to send my little one on school trips in future I think.
Thomas Land is somewhere I do want to take Little Man, I think he would really love it. Thanks for linking up to #TriumphantTales, really hope to see you back on Tuesday 🙂

Amy @ Arty apple

So very sad and yes we tell ourselves we’re being unreasonable when worrying about safety but maybe those worries are not always so irrational x