Toddler Tales: Mummy Bug and the business trip

Toddler Tales: Mummy Bug and the business trip

This week, Daddy Bug has gone on holiday a business trip.

He does that a lot and Mummy Bug takes on the role of solo parent bug.

Daddy Bug goes away on these jollies trips to San Francisco or New York every few weeks.

Mummy Bug’s life is equally as glamorous though; she gets to go to Aldi and take the bins out on a Thursday night.

Living the dream.

Most weeks that Daddy Bug is away, Mummy Bug makes herself busy (as if she needed to come up with things to keep her time occupied), and usually gets a visit from at least one lovely friend stopping by. The week usually also gets derailed by some kind of incident involving Penny Bug, A&E or an early wake up call by the cats. 

“Oh, Daddy Bug flies back tomorrow night”, thought Mummy Bug.

Chasing around after Penny Bug means the weeks usually go pretty quickly, and this one had pretty much gone without incident.

So far…

“Mummy… My Mummy… Mummy… Muuuu-meeeeeeeeee”, came down the baby monitor.

Mummy Bug groaned as she strained to open her puffy eyes and focus on her watch.


Ten past sodding five.

Mummy Bug lay in bed for a few minutes, “Perhaps she will go back to sleep? It is still dark, and she might still be a bit sleepy? Yes, maybe she’ll just drop off again”.

“Muuuu-mmmeeeeeeeeee, I don’t want dark”.

Penny Bug has been complaining of the dark lately, insisting a night light is left on at bedtimes. At 5:10AM it’s still dark. 

“It’s dark because it’s still sleepy time, Penny Bug. We sleep when it is dark”, said Mummy Bug.

“I don’t want sleep”, states Penny Bug defiantly.

“How about we try to go back to sleep in Mummy’s bed”, asked Mummy Bug carrying Penny Bug from her bedroom.

“I don’t want sleep”.

Well Mummy does…

Penny Bug snuggles down into Mummy’s big bed and Mummy Bug tries to get her to go back to sleep. After 20 minutes of wriggling and chattering, Penny Bug sits up and says “I want my milk, Mummy. And a wee wee”.


“Is this the start of our day then?”, Mummy Bug asked.

“Yes. Frozen on?”, Penny Bug answered.

Of course, it’s been at least 12 hours since we watched Frozen, so naturally I would want to get up at silly o’clock to put it on again, thought Mummy.

Solo parenting: Powered by caffeine (and Frozen). 

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