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Toddler tears and twonager tantrums

Toddler tears and twonager tantrums

Do you ever look at your ‘twonager’ having a tantrum because you forgot to wash the pink plate and wonder what’s going on in their little head?

Lady P’s clever little brain must be processing a world of changes right now, because her mood certainly reflects it.

One day she is a total angel, and the next day, she is having a meltdown about being asked to put her socks on.

Or because I’d done the ‘wrong’ hairstyle.

Let me give you some context

My hair is straighter than uncooked spaghetti.

It doesn’t take long to blow dry, but whether I like it or not, I’ll be wearing it straight today, and the next, and the one after…

Although, sometimes I do wake up with a slight wave, and it’s gone by the time the kettle has boiled.

So being the perfect Mum that I am though (and so modest) I couldn’t wait for Lady P to get hair long enough for me to plait, put into piggies, or accessorise.

The only problem I have is that unless bloody Elsa has her hair like that, I can take a hike.


Toddler hairstyle tantrum

Last week, I thought that I might be able to convince her that another hairstyle might be fun.

While Lady P was distracted by whatever Disney film she was into, I put her hair into 2 French plaits and was convinced that once she saw it she would love it.

How wrong could I have been?


It actually makes my heart hurt seeing her cry so much, but as I know it’s over her hairstyle, I couldn’t resist recording it to show her when she had her own kids!

What is the most ridiculous thing your child has lost it over?



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