#ToddlerStories Linky 4 – Toddler Stories

#ToddlerStories Linky 4 – Toddler Stories

Welcome to the Toddler Stories Linky

Week 4 of the #ToddlerTales linky already. Where exactly is the summer going?

This week, we have had so many visitors that my house has felt a bit like a hotel. I absolutely love a busy house full of fun so I am not really complaining, but I do feel as though it’s mainly revolved around cooking, cleaning and washing towels though!

I did have time to write a few blogs too though – check them out if you have 5…

I was also awarded the #TUESDAYTREASURES badge from Rachel Swirl over at her blog, so a big ‘thank you’ goes over to her for that!


So without further a do, here’s this week’s #ToddlerTales linky!

#ToddlerStories 4: A story about clothes shopping for a new outfil

Mummy said that I am going to something called ‘a wedding’ on Saturday.

I don’t know what a wedding is, or what a ‘Saturday’ is for that matter, but I’ve definitely heard of both of these things, so I made sure I repeated them for good measure.

Anyway, she said I needed a new dress for it, so we went to a big shop with lots of things in it, but I’m pretty sure she bought other things that she said she didn’t need too?

Mummy found a pretty dress, but by the time we’d looked at a lot and I’d finished the crisps she gave me to ‘keep me quiet’ in my buggy, I was fed up.

All I wanted to do was just play with all of that pretty shiny stuff on the shelf.

And then stand on my buggy board.

And then get off my buggy board.

And then go home to watch Iggle Piggle and drink my milk.

I mean, what sort of an idiot goes shopping after tea time (even if it was supposed to be ‘quick’)?

I just about put up with her picking the dress, but when I spotted some pink fluffy boots that she said were ‘too small’ and took off me.

I disagreed.

They were so fluffy! Who cares if it was sunny and I actually needed pretty sandals for my feet? I preferred the pink boots to cuddle?

Mummy looked a bit broken by the end of it and said she needed a coffee.

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Setting the world to rights with my Auntie Maddy after #fluffybootsgate #toddler #tantrum #meltdown #shoppingtrip

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