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Vintage Christmas decorations you’ll remember if you were born in the 80s

Vintage Christmas decorations you’ll remember if you were born in the 80s

This year (and for the first one ever) Christmas will be at my house.

Given that we’ve been living in a building site for over a year now, it’s really quite an achievement.

Although not completely finished, we now actually have a grown up house with room for everyone to come and stay.

How very mature.

For the last few weeks though, this has meant that my Mum has been offering all of her novelty Christmas table wear for the big day.

Now, I’m all for Christmas cheer (probably more than most actually), but I this year the table will be a mostly classy affair.

My Mum can’t quite get her head around that idea. Apparently you just can’t keep it classy on Christmas Day.

How might I be in the future?

I don’t want to wish my life away, but fast forwarding 30 years, will I be trying to force my dancing Santa and novelty Santa serving bowls onto my children?

Is it something that just happens when you become a Mum?

What I now think of as cute for the little ones, will most likely seem like total cheese when they are all grown up.

It got me thinking about all of the tacky decorations that I remember from my childhood. The decorations that I, of course, remember as being the best things ever.

The more shiny and sparkly, the better.

So I thought it would be fun to have a festive trip down memory lane at the decorations you might remember if you too were born in the early 80s.

Christmas decorations from the 80s

Burning hot multicoloured Christmas lights

Nowadays, we tend to stick to white, minimal and LED. Do you remember when they used to actually burn you if you touched them? I distinctly remember my Mum and Dad swearing under their breath to detangle a mess of multicolour bulbs. There would always be a few broken or missing, but given there were about a million, nobody ever noticed.

Foil decorations

My Nan was a massive fan of these. Foil stars, garlands, baubles, and those little stings just thrown on the tree. You name it, she had it. They’d get so tangled and end up with rips or creases in them, but nobody ever cared.

Satin decorations

These were always the ones us kids were allowed to put on the tree. We couldn’t break them and they’d usually have some kind of Christmas toy motif printed onto them, holly or a bell. Pretty garish, but Christmas just wouldn’t have been the same without them.

Glass baubles

These were like gold dust, and finding a set that had not had any breakages was virtually impossible. These days, families with young children and/or pets avoid fragile baubles at all costs. The plastic alternatives don’t look as pretty, but are wise, very wise.

Christmas cards

Ok, so like the lights and baubles, we still do these albeit modern alternatives. I always remember us receiving vintage style cards from older relatives with bright and bold patterns on them. They seemed to be made of a lighter weight paper too, so hardly ever stood up!

What vintage Christmas decorations do you remember from your childhood?

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Ha ha I remember all of these! My aunty still puts foil garlands up!

Alice | Letters to my Daughter

Oh those lights bring back so many memories!!! We used to have these little wooden toy decorations that we hung on our tree. i found some really similar ones this year and just had to buy them for my daughter – she’s got a little tree in her den under the stairs so they went straight on there πŸ™‚ #BlogCrush

Lisa Pomerantz

ENjoy every minute of your 80’s Xmas! Love it! #blogcrush xoxo