We’re having a Princess party!

We’re having a Princess party!

A very important Princess

You might or might not know that I live with a VIP – a very important Princess.

Whether you’ve seen her on my Instagram, or read my recent post, it’s true… She’s ruling our land here in sunny Warwickshire.

Each day is filled with dressing up or talking about princesses. It’s even got to the point where we have to refer to her as ‘Penelope Elsa’.

Yes, I really did have to call her that today.

So when Hallmark asked me to check out the new range of cards fit for a princess, I couldn’t really turn it down.

We were kindly send a bespoke Princess Party Kit that included everything we needed for a perfect gathering of princess minds.

We were sent cups, plates, napkins, table cloth and accessories, crafts, party bags and a variety of greetings card to suit the occasion.

hallmark cards

The only thing I had to do was find a date, invite some friends and sort out some food. Oh and come up with a reason to have a party.

Lady P was born in October, so that was out. Short of finding any other legit excuse, I made an executive decision…

We’re going to have a princess party just because we can. On a Friday afternoon.

P-A-R-T-Y? Because I gotta.


Princess party disney princess party

What was the verdict?

At first, I thought it was a bit decadent to throw an impromptu party just for the sake of it, but then I stopped to think about it.

Lady P is 2 and a half years old. She won’t always find the idea of dressing up and trotting around with her friends to be that exciting. Plus, in my opinion, she is really f**king cool and I love being her Mum.

My Mum goals are all about raising a loving, happy and fun little girl, making memories that show her how much I love her (without spoiling her). If I can’t do something nice to put a smile on her cute little face, then no one can.

The only problem was that from 6.30am that day, she was asking when her friends would be here. And approximately every 10 minutes until 3pm…

Looooooong day!

All in all though, great time was had by all. 6 Princesses, 2 Prince babies, and a toddler Prince who found himself in high demand ate, chatted, danced and destroyed my playroom.

Nothing new there.

We also now have a selection of Disney Princesses cards that I can use for forthcoming birthdays! Result!

Have you ever thrown a party just because you wanted to?

To mark the launch of the recent Beauty and The Beast film, Hallmark has teamed up with Tesco to offer your little Princess the chance to design their very own real princess dress. You can find out more details here.

Please note, Hallmark provided the product free of charge but not in exchange for a positive endorsement. The opinions in this blog are based on my own experiences and in no way linked to those of Hallmark or Tesco. This blog is not responsible for the Beauty and The Beast Competition.

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Amy @ Arty apple

This looks fab! I’m in the process of planning my daughters 5th birthday party and it’s going to be all pink and princessy! Of course x