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Why do the clocks change? How it affects your child.

Why do the clocks change? How it affects your child.

The clocks changed

Good morning! Or is it?

Last night the clocks changed back an hour as we officially bid farewell to British Summertime.

But how was it for you?

Did your little bundle wake you up at stupid o’clock because they were thrown out by the extra hour?

Or like us, had you unknowingly booked in a sleepover with grandparents and got to take full advantage of a longer lie in?

It was glorious.

Either way, the clock change will no doubt be playing havoc with you for the next week.

Clocks change

Why do the clocks change?

I have looked into it, and history tells me that the changing of the clocks was first introduced during World War One to save on the usage of coal.

The theory originates in 1895 from a New Zealand entomologist though, who is said to have first come up with the idea of getting up so that there were more daylight hours after work.

But does it really make that much of a difference?

That is the subject of a lot of debate, with split opinion on the economic or health benefits it brings.

Not to mention that it screws us parents over when our kids’ sleep patterns are affected.

Apparently though, it is said to also bring potential health benefits for our children.

According to research, children’s health would be improved if clocks were moved forward an hour.

A study of over 23,000 children aged five to 16 years showed that children’s total daily activity levels were 15-20% higher on summer days with sunset after 21:00, compared to winter days with sunset before 17:00.

So next time we groan at the thought of losing an hour of slumber, we’ll have to try to remember that it’s actually a good thing for our kids!

It doesn’t mean that the we can’t groan at the extra hour of Peppa Pig though.

In case you can never remember the way it works, try “spring forward, fall back” (forward in spring, back in autumn).

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Eva Katona

I didn’t mind this time but I will surely do in springtime when the clock changes forward! Thanks for linking up #stayclassymama