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Why should you drink water more often?

Why should you drink water more often?

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated when it’s hot or if you’re thirsty, but what about beforehand?

You’ll hear it time and time again, but water really is a key part of any good diet or healthy lifestyle.

The recommendation is for adults to drink around 2 litres, or 8 glasses of water a day. 

But why exactly is water so important?

The benefits of water 


How many times have you stepped away from your desk to grab a drink of water when you’re feeling sleepy?

Water can boost your energy levels and reduce fatigue, so that’s a really good habit to get into. You’ll find that keeping yourself hydrated throughout the whole day though, and not just when you are hitting that wall, will bring more focus and allow you to concentrate more.



Excuse the pun, but are you ‘splashing out’ on fancy detox programmes or supplements?

Well, stop. Drink water. Water is a natural (and free) way to cleanse the system and remove those horrid toxins that can cause health problems.


Have you ever noticed that people who drink a lot of water just seem to be a bit more brighter? Keeping hydrated can actually help to defy age, keeping all of those pesky wrinkles and cellulite at bay.

Toilet habits.

Drinking a lot of water obviously means you will spend more time on the loo. This is a good thing though.

Regularly emptying your bladder keep keeps everything ticking over nicely and reduces the chances of getting infections.



How many times does your doctor tell you to keep fluids up when you are ill? The same goes for people who drink water. They are often just a bit more healthy and less likes to get sick as water helps to fight off germs.

Weight loss.

Water can promote your weight loss by removing the by-products of fat and raising your metabolism.

It’s also a good appetite suppressant and better for you to grab a glass of water to keep you going until dinner, rather than a sugary biscuit.



Dehydration can be horrible.

The headaches you can get from not drinking enough water can put the scuppers on any plans you have and make you want to head home to bed. Drinking water can help you avoid these ‘headachey’ feelings meaning you’ll be raring to go. 


Sporty? If you’re into your fitness, you may feel those crampy pains whilst out on a run and this is usually another sign that you’re dehydrated. Keeping your fluids up all day and especially before your work out will help to alleviate cramping. 


Best of all, it’ll cost you less that sugary alternatives. Yep, we are all cheap dates.

Are you dehydrated? 

We’ve discussed the headaches and cramps that you can get from being dehydrated, but how else might you know if you are getting enough water?

Well, one word… wee. If your wee has a smell or isn’t clear, you need to drink more water. 

How to drink more water each day

  • Download an app – or set up your fitness tracker or phone to remind you
  • Add it into your routine – first thing in the morning, before bed, in between meals, with every meal, and most definitely if you’re going to be drinking alcohol
  • Buy a water bottle – it’s much easier to remember to drink water if you have a visual aid and also if it’s readily available 
  • Always water with you – especially when you are commuting or on long car journeys
  • Get a water filter jug and keep it in the fridge – cold water is always more appealing
  • Switch a tea / coffee for a water – if you’re missing that hot drink fix, drink a hot water and add a bit of lemon, ginger or honey to it
  • Always take a bottle of water on flights – just remember to buy it air side
  • Drink water when eating – it aids digestion

And that’s it really. Happy hydrating. 

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Lisa Easom

I’m so bad for drinking water – its 11am and I’ve had two coffees. Thank you for sharing. #stayclassymama

Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

I am rubbish at drinking water as I’m addicted to milk! My kids all drink loads of water and only get squash at my parents’ house #stayclassymama

The Mum Project

Oh what a great post! So many reasons why water is good for you which has motivated me to go get a glass right now 😁. I think the fatigue thing is definitely a reason why I should start to drink it more consistently throughout the day. Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

Pat - White Camellias

I used to drink so much water but lately I have become a little lazy. I must start drinking more again. Sometimes though if I’m feeling a bit tired I just drink a glass of cold water and it really helps. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassymama