Organising a wedding can be both fun and stressful in equal measure.

With so much to organise and think about, it’s decision after decision.

One of the most important choices you can make is about what you might want for entertainment – particularly when it comes to the music.

Live wedding music

Wedding bands can turn a great day into something magical and amazing.

Live music is, well, live.

wedding music

It may not be as polished as a recording, singers forget words, guitarists miss notes, and most people know what drummers can be like. This is part of what makes live music so amazing though, even at weddings.

The performance of the band you choose will be completely unique. They will never play exactly the same set, in the same way and with the same interactions again.

Just as importantly when you pay a musician, and give them a platform, you are helping to create new opportunities for them, a chance to get their music, their style heard. Live music at a wedding is guaranteed to get everyone up dancing so it is a win, win situation. 


How to choose a wedding band

There are a wide variety of wedding bands, and unless you know waht you want, choosing between them may take longer than choosing the perfect outfits.

The first and most important decision is whether there are any restrictions on the type or volume of live music allowed at your reception venue. There is little point finding the perfect band only to find that they are considered unsuitable by the venue, or can only play until 9.30pm because of the licence. Once the details are all worked out, it is time to consider the type of music you are looking for. 

There will be a wide variety of wedding bands that play a wide variety of music, as you can see on this page.

Hopefully you and your prospective spouse will be able to agree at least some middle ground on musical taste. The difficulty starts when you then have to consider the possible tastes of your guests, who are going to probably range from grandparents to toddlers.

Start by accepting that you will never please everyone with your choice. You are looking for a middle of the road choice that meets the partial approval of the majority of your guests. You want a band that can get your guests up and dancing to create an electric atmosphere. This is why it is important to try to hear the band play, and to check out the reviews before making your final choice. 

Always discuss availability with the bands you add to your shortlist and make sure that you book as far in advance as possible to make sure you get the right band for your wedding.

Working out the costs

Cost is of course going to be a factor.

If you choose a wedding band from out of town, you may need to pay extra for transport, unless they are already local to the area. Remember that a good band will always cost more than one that is in less demand. It really is worth paying for the right band though.

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